Fantasmic returning?

So, we are T-19 from returning to the Disney bubble and I know Fantasmic has to be getting close to being back but have heard nothing in some time. Any speculations or rumor out there? We will be there for 12 days so I am hopeful it might happen. But it is a crap shoot.


No date has been announced, but I think it’s unlikely to be open until this summer at the earliest. The article below says they were running tests of Fantasmic at Disneyland but I haven’t heard about them doing that at WDW. So I think Disneyland is more likely to open first, and it still seems to be a ways away.

Disney Now Beginning Test Runs On Fantasmic! - Inside the Magic.

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They may be targeting Spring Break / Easter. But if they haven’t been running the music at least at nights then it seems doubtful.


We’re there Spring Break and I’m crossing my fingers for Fantasmic. This gives me the tiniest bit of hope.

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