Fantasmic reservations live!

I have started, but I get interrupted. I haven’t been able to actually reach a person yet.

So i called. No luck. She said the packages for January have still not loaded and to keep checking periodically.

Thank you for the update…but still :disappointed:

So now ……MDE no longer lists “returning Nov 30” under Fantasmic.:joy:

I am choosing to believe that that is because they are imminent… :expressionless:

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Does Disney ever release the FDRs at any other time during the day other than the morning? At this point I just keep trying throughout the day. :slight_smile:

Not that i can recall. But it hasn’t always been at 180 days on the nose in the past. It had to get a lot closer before they released.

However, now that we’re in December, and almost all days in January have at least 1 show of F! scheduled, and still no January times are even selectable is starting to make me think this feature is donzo come 1/1/23… :grimacing:

Hum…maybe you’re right. Yikes! I suppose every day I shall continue to check, but it is odd no dates in January have happened.

If I’m there solo, how easy will it be for me to find a decent spot if I arrive just before showtime? I’m wondering if I even need the dining package in the first place.

Ehhh I think it’s going to depend on whether or not they open up the Dining Package seating. I tried it back in the December before the close and it did not go well (with the dining packages in place, but i didn’t have one). I must’ve caught it on a popular night and it was only the extreme flanks that had room yet at 5-10 minutes before showtime.

I ended up bailing on it cause I didn’t want to sit in the cold, listen to the horrible butchering of disney songs for such a period of time, and then ultimately see the show from the side.

If the Dining Package goes away, you should have more availability as the close center seats will be scarfed up by the early-arrivals, but you’ll still have plenty of seating.

Even morso if you don’t mind squishing in next to someone (which I do. I NEEDS M’SPACE!)


My ADR was today for February 4th plus 10. Still no Dining Package!

I’m glad you posted in here

I was trying to find this thread because last night I thought I read a post elsewhere from someone suggesting they got a dining package after 1/1. I couldn’t find the thread and then my phone bopped me in the face, indicating to me it was time to go night-night.

i’m sorry to hear it was either poorly worded or misleading

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This thread is hard to search, for whatever reason. Then, I remember I have it bookmarked!

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Looks like January and February Fantasmic! dining packages have finally loaded. Good news.


Availability though is a different story though. It may still be a work in progress.


Yes! Thanks! Looks like the system has been updated so you can actually select times to search, but like you said, no ADRs are available. I’m hoping that gets populated soon.


Thanks for heads up!

I’m so happy I saw this. FWIW I’ve been checking every day around 6:30am for a late Jan Fantasmic ADR. As of this morning the times were still not loaded. Happy it seems to be moving forward.

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None today either. :grimacing:

I have been signed up for MouseDining and have multiple alerts set. I keep waiting for my phone to blow up with notices once times have been released for the first week of January. It’s been very restless sleep.