Fantasmic!, Paint the Night, and Disneyland Forever

We’re planning a trip to DLR in October. Unfortunately, since they are not open late during the week, the days we will be able to see PtN and DF are limited. At the same time, we also don’t want to miss F!

Is it feasible to see all three of these attractions in one night or would that be too difficult to accomplish?

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I don’t think you can plan on being able to see all three. I think PtN is still running during the week in the off-season, so if you can see the parade one night, you could see F! another night over the weekend and stay in your F! spot to watch the fireworks.


As mentioned, you can see two but probably not three – see F! and stay for fireworks, or see PtN and stay for fireworks. PtN and F! are close to simultaneous. The only exception is if there are 2 F! shows OR 2 PtN parades being offered – you could do 2 first, then the 3rd one later. As an aside, the new fireworks can be viewed from most places in the park, including near Small World, where it is much easier to get a viewing spot for the parade without waiting for hours.

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They recently announced the Halloween party nights. In the comments section, PTN and Disneyland Forever FWs will be shown during weekdays on non-party nights during Halloween season which runs from Sept 11 to Nov 1. So you won’t have to wait until weekends to see FWs. Double check the DL calendar for the days you’re here.

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This is great! I am beyond thrilled to read that PTN and the DFFW will be shown on non-party nights. We should have plenty of opportunities to enjoy them. Thanks for sharing. :grinning:

I wonder how this is going to affect the CLs. :worried: