Fantasmic Package

We are getting the Fantasmic dining package for our trip in October. There is only one show at 7:30, how early do we have to get there to get seats? Also, can we just walk in right b-4 the show and still get the fantasmic package seats (don’t care if it’s in the back)?

Needs to be 15 - 20 minutes at least because they will open up eny empty part of the reserved seating to the public once it’s closer to showtime.

We are doing the F! dinner package on a night that has two shows. Do they specify which show we have to attend, or do we get to choose?

I believe all F! packages are for the first show only.

Oh, no! That stinks. That’s not fitting into my plans at all. May have to rethink the package and just drop in to HBD for a Cobb salad :frowning:

Just to confirm because I haven’t done it myself, I did some digging and found several posts saying this is indeed the case. It can only be used at the first showing of F!. Sorry…

@ThatDisneyGuy_outer1 Thanks for digging. I’ll just have to change up my plans a bit :blush:

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