Fantasmic package opinion

Trying to decide if it is worth a TS credit for the Fantasmic package at Mama Melrose. Opinions??

If the menu appeals to you and you’re ok eating at an off time (which is usually when they book the F! packages), then it’s a solidly good use of a DDP TS credit.

If crowd levels are low, and you are against it for whatever reason, take your chances and don’t do it.

Otherwise, it’s a decent way to get a guaranteed good seat, not have to wait at all, and you also get a decent meal. I asked this same question to 2 coworkers a few months before our trip:

Coworker 1: “Get the package. Please get the package.”
Coworker 2: “If I could do it over, I would have gotten the package.”

If you are planning to eat, and also planning to see Fantasmic, it might be worth the price to not have to worry about either of those things. You will have them set in stone to plug into your plan, and move on.

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Absolutely. The only way I will see F! anymore is with a package. Best seats in the house and you can get there 20 min before show time (vice the hour or more needed for SB)

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Yes, the seating is front and center and the dining package meal comes with an app which makes it a good value.

Agree, went to MM for lunch, very nice, too much food really with appetiser, great bread, etc but we managed! Brilliant view for F! which was announcing standing room only as we went in ~20 mins before. It was a predicted CL5 day.

Only one TS credit? Then absolutely yes. We arrived about 50 minutes before the show on a 6/10 day. We got second row middle seats (concerned front would be taken up by wheelchairs). It was great.

Great, thanks for the responses.

Does a lunch reservation for the Fantasmic pakage cost the same as dinner?

At Mama Melrose’s, I believe so, but check on the DW site. The prices are all there for each restaurant.