Fantasmic or Rivers of Light

Sketching out plans for our June trip. Have a day planned later in the week where we will visit DHS and AK on the same day - starting at one and ending at the other…

Thinking of getting a dining plan for either F! (Brown Derby) or RoL (Tiffins). I have seen F! several times. Never seen RoL. Bringing DW, DD9 and DD5 (first trip for both daughters).

Unfortunately, I think that, in trying to balance early mornings and late nights, we will only be able to see EITHER F! or RoL, but not both.

So, Liners, what are your thoughts? In taking my two daughters for the first time, go with Fantasmic or Rivers of LIght?

We just got back from Disney and loved Rivers of Light. Our girls (almost 5 and almost 7) REALLY loved it. If you haven’t seen it go.

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I love HBD and Tiffins but food wise Tiffins wins for me. I immediately thought “Tiffins” especially if it still includes an appetizer in the package(HBD does not).

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But I’m in love with AK and not so much with HS. Although ROL is shorter, I can find a lot more to keep me happy before/after at AK than at HS

Plus Fantasmic just did not wow me at all. It was okay, glad we saw it, but for me it was one and done.

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I love love love Fantasmic, chalk up one vote for F!

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I vote for RoL, since you haven’t seen it, and the girls won’t know they’re missing F!

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When we went in June we saw ROL with kiddos 4, 6, 7, 7. The kids were really unimpressed and missed the show not having fireworks. Haven’t seen F! yet. That is a must do for us on our next trip.

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This question is literally impossible to answer. You may as well ask which of my two children I love the most.

Both packages offer a fantastic dining experience. The food at Tiffins is arguably a nudge better, albeit in a fancy way. The food at HBD is simpler and more filling and I still crave the Cobb salad three months later.

I personally preferred F! to ROL because I thought the ending was pretty spectacular.

I would guess that kids prefer F! because it’s faster paced and has boatloads (ha! literally!) of Disney characters in it.

Also HBD is maybe more appropriate for kids than Tiffins, which felt more formal.

With the exception of Pandora, I much prefer DHS to AK.

I doubt this helped! I just like remembering my trip!

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HBD no longer includes an appetizer with the F! Package.

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Really? That’s actually made me quite cross.


So, I am curious because I have never done a dining package…

Can you not just order off the menu? Or is it a prixe fixe? Because I don’t see a fixed price on the reservation information?


In answering my own question, I see the fixed prices for HBD, but not for Tiffins… no appetizer, but hey, save $3. :roll_eyes:

For Fantasmic you can order any entree and dessert. For RoL at Tiffins you get any appetizer, entree and dessert. It is a set price for both. HBD and Tiffins is also 2 credits- same as any DP meal but RoL package has the extra appetizer.

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Thank you @PrincipalTinker … was wondering about the food choices as well…

In looking at the menu, it seems like a steep price to pay for guaranteed seating in F!. Maybe better to pay for the meal, and just use a FPP for F! or just show up early…

Thanks for the input @profmatt. I enjoyed your trip reports from last summer!

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It used to be a great value on the dining plan (appetizer and F! voucher for the same credit as without the ,package). It can be a great value out of pocket at Tiffins.

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Personally, we loved RoL more than Fantasmic! However, we had seen F! before. However, I’ll bet your girls would enjoy F! better than RoL. It’s geared more toward younger kids, IMHO. I much preferred Tiffins to HBD. HBD was one and done for our family.

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For kids who haven’t seen either, clearly Fantasmic unless you think one of them might get scared with Mickey’s nightmares. I think my kids got bored with Rivers of Light, though I thought it was fine. But for kids, I don’t see how you can pass up anything with the Disney characters on their first trip. (Truth be told, they won’t know what they missed.)

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Thank you all for your input. I like Fantasmic, but haven’t seen RoL, so, can’t compare the two (well, watched RoL on Youtube, but not really the same thing).

Sounds like I will stick with Fantasmic, but may not do the dining package. Thinking about upgrading to an AP and getting a TiW card since we will be doing many dinners on property (and my wife and I both enjoy a glass of wine or two with dinner). Since you can’t use TiW with a dining package, and given that the price for the F! package at HBD is not THAT good. We many just try to fastpass F! on the day of, or deal with the crowd…

But you have given me many good things about which to think. Thanks!

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