Fantasmic! Options

Hello experts! I have not seen Fantasmic! in quite sometime - right when the new dragon debuted I believe. I am taking a Disneyland/WDW newbie on 2/4 and this seems to be one of the first Fantasmic!s of the year.

I am trying, but not optimistic, about getting a River Belle dining package. Since I have one person who cannot sit on the ground or stand for the entire time, I’m wondering if there are any other SEATED options to view Fantasmic! I do not mind holding a space for an unreasonable amount of time as I am a local Magic Key holder and my friend has never been to Disneyland or WDW and I want them to be able to enjoy it.

Any ideas?

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Stage Door cafe tables are free to camp out at and the ones right up at the front closest to the big walkway between the tables & the standing viewing can have decent views. There is a lot more potential for the trees to have parts that partially obstruct the views (so you may have trees blocking Mickey or another character) in several spots. But it is free & you’ll most definitely hear the music. Also, it’s a popular space to camp out for free so going as early as 6:30-6:45pm for a 9pm show is a good idea but also, that’s a lot of time for a less than desirable spot. DH loves to just chill in the park so he’ll easily camp out at a table working on stuff from his phone & soaking in park atmosphere with all the bags & the stroller while I take the kids to do stuff and it has allowed us to see Fantasmic! from a seat without spending money for the dining package. Especially if we didn’t plan ahead with enough time to get a Hungry Bear cheap dining package & still want to try to see the show. River Belle really is your best bet so if it’s in budget, I hope you can get it!

ETA: If we do the free campout we always get a mobile order of usually Corn Dogs from Stage Door but will do any food in the area (Bengal BBQ is also close) so we do eventually use a table for eating at some point. And now that I think about it more we usually are lot more successful in doing a late late corn dog order for like 9:50 if they close at 10, after 10 if they are open later (which I think they usually are if there’s a late show). We find a table after the first show ends & then stick around for the 10:30 show. Usually we will position our selves to hang out in Adventureland (Tiki Room or Jungle Cruise) during the first show and then move in as the show is coming close to an end but before the crowds start flooding thorugh Adventureland.

There are no benches anywhere in range so other than River Belle the only other way to sit is to be in the EVC/wheelchair section & you’d already have to have the EVC/wheelchair from your day’s activities.


Thank you this is very helpful information and is also helping me think outside the box on this one too! I am of course hoping for the River Belle package but now I have some options.