Fantasmic Meal Reservation

Just booked my ADR’s and wanted the Fantasmic Dinner package but no decent times left despite being on at 6am. I did book H&V for an early breakfast to sign up DGS for JT but was wondering if that automatically gets me Fantasmic vouchers given it’s a buffet with no special menu? Or does it have to be booked specifically for Fantasmic? Would calling Disney ADR help in having Fantasmic added to my existing breakfast ADR?

You have to specifically book the Fantasmic package to get the vouchers. I think it’s a separate availability pool. I would hold on to your standalone ADR and keep looking for the package one, then switch.

I think you have to book specifically for the Fantasmic. We just did the F! Dining package last week. I too booked early (although the window for the dining package didn’t open as early as the 180 day mark). The latest time I was able to find was 3pm. This actually worked out well though. We just ate a substantial breakfast around 9:30, which held us till 3 and then had some snacks during F!. Overall it was an excellent experience.

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Bear in mind the latest dinner package time would be 2.5 to 3 hrs before the show. So if Fantasmic is at 8pm, the latest dinner time would be 5:30, possibly 5. If Fantasmic is scheduled earlier, so will the latest dinner time.

You might be better doing a late lunch and get something to eat on the go later if needs be.

actually have the breakfast ADR which I’d like to keep, just want to convert it to Fantasmic voucher

There is no way to convert that i know of.

You have to book the Fantasmic package.

I would call Disney and play stupid ask them why does it not say fantasmic on your ADR. Then ask them if they could switch it for you. Take a shot.

Called and shot down in flames…plan B is using the reservation finder to scarf up one should it appear
thanks for all the input gang…