Fantasmic - Late Arrival...Am I Doomed?

We are showing up to HS later in the day (ok, technically we are landing at noon, dropping off our stuff and then heading straight to the park :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:) and we have secured FP for key attractions and aren’t optimistic for RotR. Because of our schedule and dinner reservations, we’ll be cutting it close with Fantasmic, is it a deal breaker if we show up close to the start of the show? Touring Plans rates the day at a 4. Any recommendations on spots with good views that people wouldn’t necessarily think of?

Depending on time of year - you can still walk into the show even after it’s started. I have no preference of where I sit. It has it’s own dedicated theatre, so most seating is fine. (Unlike a fireworks show where you have to stake out a spot & muscle your way around.)

FYI – A common misconception about Touring Plans Crowd Levels is that they are an indicator of the number of people in each park. However, they are an indicator of average queue waits at the rides in that park during 11am – 5pm.

A CL 1 can feel like a CL 4 in terms of park capacity, but the queues may be moving quickly. Conversely, you can be in a CL 9 park that feels like a CL 5 because the streets aren’t packed. However, all the queues are super long.

I would be willing to say that you could get into the theater. You will likely end up in the extra seats along the top behind the walkway, and those aren’t great, but you will be able to see the show.
On the plus side, you should be among the first to exit (if you can head to the right as you enter the theater). And if you have seen the show before, this new viewing location can make it seem like a bit of a different experience. See things from a different angle.

And this is key! Maybe the worst crowd exodus from any park IMO. Spring Break crowds and it was crazy.