Fantasmic! in WDW - No More Dessert Parties?

Hey everyone!

I’m planning a trip to WDW in December and want to add a Fantasmic! Dessert Party reservation. I know they aren’t booking 180 days out like they used to, but I am confused/shocked that they aren’t even booking past September at the moment.

Has anyone heard whether or not Disney is discontinuing this dessert party? I’m afraid they are having trouble selling the three Fantasmic! Dinner packages plus the new Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party so perhaps they are shelving the Fantasmic! Dessert Party for the slow season… :cry:

Are there any rumors or confirmations one way or the other?


I believe it opened in January for my February trip. It was the last dessert party to open.

Good to know. I wish they would open it up sooner because folks who over analyze everything, like me, are left wondering “should I waste a FP on this?”… I’m not going to but it’s not very nice on Disney’s part.


I’ve been checking daily and they just opened dates for Oct, Nov, Dec. Now, it says there is 0 availability on every day, but I’m assuming they will load shortly. Disney plays a fun little game where the dates load about a day before you can actually book sometimes. Gotta love Disney IT!

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Thanks! I’ll be checking

Dessert party for october just opened 9/13. Entire month opened at once. There was also a time change from original fantasmic time in touring plans 6 months ago to actual time scheduled , so maybe that’s the delay.
Just keed trying!

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The desert party is bookable until the end of December now!

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