Fantasmic! in early July not scheduled?

I’ve been away from my touring plans for a few days. Today I planned to sync them up to where I want to make dining reservations this Monday (180 days out). I had planned HS for July 9 including dinner at Mama Melrose for the VIP Fantasmic! voucher. I found Fantasmic is no longer scheduled for July 8, 9, 10, 11. Oh, no! Should I change my HS day or is it possible Fantasmic to be back on the schedule in a couple of days? I am so confused on this now. Thanks for any insight I can get to sort this out.

F! Will definitely occur those nights. That time of the year there will be two shows a night of it. The dinner package is for the first one. It might not be showing up bc they haven’t decided exact times for it. We have it booked for July 5th.

Thanks for your feedback. It’s so difficult to know how to handle restaurant reservations without those options opened. I have Fantasmic! planned for July 9. Did you find that information on the Disney site or possibly call the dining reservation line and someone was able to help you with that information?

I booked F! Package on the 5th using the website. I did not call specifically about those dates I just know from the past several years, that is always the time schedule we go to Disney. Also if HS is open then there is always F! Unless weather cancels it.