Fantasmic! FP for second show

I have read that a FP is not necessary for the second showing of Fantasmic!. Is that true regardless of the crowd level?

We will be at DHS on Dec 4 and a second showing was added (7p) to the originally scheduled one (8:30p). We have reservations at H&V that include Fantasmic! passes and were always planning to attend the 8:30p show. Does the addition of the first show make the passes unnecessary? Even if they aren’t necessary - can the passes be used for the second show?

Thanks for any thoughts!

During the first week of December, a FP isn’t always necessary for the show. The benefit of having them is that you will have center seating, reserved, and won’t have to worry at all. Yes you’ll still use your passes for the same show you booked the dining package. You’ll need to be at the theatre by 8:10 at the latest, for the second show.

I would check with WDW Reservations about this - typically the passes you get with the F! Dine package are for the first show, but I don’t know what they do in a situation like this where an additional show was added before the original show.