Fantasmic Fastpass

Is it usually easy to get a 4th or 5th Fastpass for Fantasmic? We’ve always done the dining package but want to try some different restaurants this trip.

Don’t know about dinning packages or Signature restaurants as they cost two TS credits per person on the Dinning plan. That said we like Biergarten in Germany, Akershus in Norway, and if you like sea food such as crab legs, Cape May’s Café in the Beach Club resort should not be missed. These are all buffets and delicious. There of coarse are many others too but these are my suggestions. Others out here have their favorites and I am sure will chime in. One thing about WDW is the food and Disney Springs is another place all to itself. Happy eating and have a Magical time at WDW.

It all depends on crowd levels, but, generally, the consensus is that you should be able to get a 4th FP for F!since they issue so many of them.I do believe that there are now breakfast dining packages. Not sure if that could float your boat if you plan on being there early? I wouldn’t waste precious early am on a TS, but I would do a late breakfast and then an early dinner before F!. Just a thought.

In early November, we were able to get it as 4th or 5th, but found we didn’t need it. Walked up around 15 minutes before showtime on a whim and got seats. Not great seats, to be sure, off to one side, but not bad either.

Dining packages for F! only cost 2 credits at HBD because it’s a signature restaurant. At MM and H&V it’s 1 credit.

We could have got it as a 4th FP early August, but did the package as I wanted to eat at H&V anyway.

Last week it was available all day for a party of 5. We didn’t need it because we did the dessert party (which, for Fantasmic isn’t really a party like the others… they just give you a light up lanyard, a pre-packed dessert box, and a light up glass filled with either a strong tequila drink or a non-alcoholic punch drink) and that gave us the same seating area as the dining packages. The desserts weren’t as good, but the price was much lower than other dessert parties and the cups are nice. I’d probably book it again if I couldn’t get or didn’t want a dining package.