Fantasmic Fast Passes, how long does availability last

We’re going to HS the week before Christmas, maybe 12/22 or 12/24. I want to book FP for TSMM and not Fantasmic. Any hope of getting a fast pass later in the day? Do they offer FP for both Fantasmic shows?

not sure about both shows but its been available still at 3/4 ish recently

Thanks so much. I would like to cancel Minnie’s Holiday Dine, but the fantasmic makes me want to keep it. Our last FP is for 12:45 so we would be able to pick a 4th around 1:30 or 2. Tough call. There’s too much to do at HS at night that I don’t want to waste an hour or more at H&V for my 6:15 ADR. Good to know there’s hope if I cancel Minnie.