Fantasmic fast pass

I’ve tried looking on the internet, but I’m not having any luck finding any information. How does fast pass work for F!? Is there a separate line? Different seating? How early do we need to arrive?
Sorry for ask the questions, but we’ve never done DHS before, and the unknown is making me nervous :wink:

There have been a few posts recently that the center is reserved for the dining package people. Then the FP people have been let in (at least this is true for the early show or if there is only one show). Last week someone reported that stand by did not get in.

Wow! I debated on whether or not to waste the FPP for F!, but I might be glad I did. I snatched them up for the first show, so I guess we will still need to get there 30 minutes early.
As always, thanks for the info :slight_smile: