Fantasmic DP

Is it worth it? My kid doesn’t eat much?

I have a FP for it, but trying to decide if we should go the VIP dessert way. It would be OOP.

Ignore my answer. I didn’t read DP as Dessert Party. None of what I said applies - that’s for the H&V Fantasmic package. I’m so sorry.

HS is such a mess these days with FP I don’t know if your FP would be best put to use elsewhere. I seriously considered that DP this year but my kids insisted on the Hollywood & Vine meal (which was my worst ranked meal for 2018).

My thinking was it’s a fairly low price for that DP and if the kids only take a bite each from each dessert, that’s fine. But I have very low expectations of kid food consumption while traveling.

If you are going during a peak time, like Spring Break or Summer, then it’s a good package. If you are going in a slower time, then a FFP for F! is just as good.


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I’d probably do the party and free up the fastpass, but thats just me…a fastpass that late in the night will prevent you from adding any additional fastpass options during the day