Fantasmic Dinning Package "In Line" Time

We plan on using the Fantasmic Dinning Package for our trip this August. The touring plan wants me to be there almost an hour early. Does the dinning package seating area fill up that fast? Is there a way to adjust the waiting time?

When we did the dining package we showed up 35 min before & while we weren’t first row of the dining package there was plenty of room to pick from but it got more crowded in the 5-10 min after we sat down so I would definitely show up with at least 30 min. As for the plan itself, there’s no way to modify the waiting time directly, but you could force a step in front of it & click Evaluate which would shorten the wait time for you. But you may also get the message that your plan has you cutting it a little short to arrive at a show/break/meal etc but that you should still be fine.

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Another way I do it, I just list it as a break or meal. For our f! Package we are eating at RT and staying put for the show and fire works. To do this, made our meal for 2 hours 8pm to 10pm.

Great! I was also planning to get an 8p reservation and wanted to stay put also. Did you arrive early to the reservation to get a better table?

Just making a note here that the dining option that @carthy15 is talking about is a specific dining package that you book specifically to stay put at the table. Called River Belle Terrace Premium (or something like that) is only available to book via phone. It would be your only option for an 8pm dinner of F!

We did the package in July. It was the first week it was offered so this may have changed but in our experience they were VERY strict about not allowing any lining up early or even requests for specific tables stating that seating had already been pre-determined & wasn’t up for modification. Because not all tables have a great view of the show, I have hesitated to ever try it again. But we were lucky in getting a perfect rail-side, most-centered table so it was a fantastic experience. The only hunch I have in how they determine who gets the rail tables is based upon time of booking (we booked ours the first morning we could & it was for the 2nd night possible to do the package). So my suggestion to get that table is to book right when your window opens.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, yes! I found out that the call center opens at 7am and called right at that time today to make reservations. Fingers crossed that we get a good view from the table!.. :slight_smile:


Here is the only link I could find that gives you an idea of what to expect. It also gives you from the perspective of less than perfect seats. I watched it and thought I could live with that. Shoot I was happy with the peak I got from the train at NOS. So obviously I am not super picky.