Fantasmic Dinner

We tried to do ADR for Mama Melrose Fantasmic Dinner today but nothing available at any time. Could it be possible that it isn’t yet released or is it all booked for entire week stay?

When is your stay? Sometimes they load a bunch a little late. Also, I think it ends before 4:00?

I think like Tink said, it’ll have a lot to do with when your trip is. If you’re less than 90 days out, there’s a pretty good chance they’re all gone. If you’re still around your 180 mark, they may just not have them listed yet. We were able to book at about 150-160 when we booked ours.

I was able to book Fantasmic Dinner at 180 + 2 last week.

We are 180 today. Thanks for the help.

You should be able to make your reservations now. If not, I would call Disney but they should have times available.

I called this morning and she didn’t have anything either. I will keep checking.

They typically don’t release the Fantasmic package at 180 days. I just went through the same thing when i booked my meals for my next trip. Just keep checking every couple days, or daily if you want, and it will pop up sometime soon. Just don’t plan on it being much of a “dinner” either. The package meals are usually served before 4pm.

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i just checked, and I wasn’t able to book my F! package at HBD until 171 days out. It wasn’t available at the 180-day mark.

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My Fantasmic package wasn’t available at 180 days out either. I booked a standard slot and then changed it to dining package 5 days later.

Thank you!

Keep trying, today I was able to find three different times!

I just managed to book Fantasmic/Hollywood Brown Derby package for 4.20pm at 75 days which was a welcome surprise. I have been checking a couple of times a day but judging by everybody’s comments, I didn’t really expect it to be available.
It’s definitely worth it to keep on trying so good luck.


Yes I think the last MM + F! Is at 3pm. HV with F! Are until 5pm

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We were able to book Fantasmic Dining Package today for March trip. Sooo excited.:grinning: