Fantasmic Dinner Package

We are are Disney 6/22-6/29. Planned on going to HS on 6/24 and I was wondering if anyone had recommendation for or against the Fantasmic Dinner Package at Hollywood and Vine? Is the reserved seating good or is it just as good to arrive early and find a spot? We’ll have to eat somewhere so if the reserved seating is very good then I can somewhat see the price of the dinner package. But if it’s not worth it, we’ll just get something cheaper for dinner.
I appreciate your opinions!
I’m a Disney newbie! 1st trip since I was a youngster. Taking my 2 kids and my sister-in-law!

The reserved seating is front and center. While there isn’t really a bad seat to watch the show it can fill up and you’d need to be lined up pretty early to ensure a spot.

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We did the Dine Package primarily as a time-saver, as people line up for F! far in advance of the show. Although it may seem pricey, the cost was justified in my mind because of the additional park time it gave us.

Thank You. I’m glad to know the seats are front and center! That’s reassuring. Thanks for your input!

Agree, do the package. Front and center seats for us, arriving 15 minutes early. We like Mama Melrose’s package.

Exactly! Get the package, and MM’s was terrific! And you can use DDP (plus this comes with appetizer AND dessert, unlike other DDP meals)!

It didn’t cost us extra to get the F! package since we could use the dining plan credit. AS it turns out, too, what we ordered would have cost us much more than the package price, even if we had to pay extra for it.

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Another vote for Mama Melrose if you do get the package. I think it’s a better restaurant.

Actually, now that I think about it, if we ordered what we got at HBD a la carte, it would have cost us more than the package price. But I think that more was included in the package back then.

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Another vote for doing the package. I’ve done both HBD and MM; both are good, but it just depends on whether you are looking for a $$ signature meal or a more-or-less standard $ TS meal. Not sure how young the kids are, but if I was taking kids I’d probably lean more toward MM than HBD.

Thanks everyone. I changed to a Fantasmic MM lunch rather than a HV dinner. I figured it would be more cost effective, more kid friendly and we still get the special seating for Fantasmic!
Thanks for all of your wonderful recommendations!

Just did the H&V F! Package couple days ago. Nice to have a range of eating options (buffet) for our large group. Arrived to Fantasmic 15min prior to show and had center seats. Were able to fit in an xtra toy story midway mania between dinner and show!