Fantasmic Dinner Package or Not?

I’m being indecisive, as usual. I currently have the Fantasmic dinner package booked at HBD. I haven’t seen Fantasmic in a couple of years, and I’d like to see it this time around, but I don’t want to spend overmuch time on it. Do you guys think the package is worthwhile? I’ve gotten mixed information of where the seating is. I’ve also heard that you still need to arrive 45 minutes early, which is still quite a bit, but not as bad. Fantasmic is at 8:00 that night, and my dinner is at 5:45. Any suggestions on using or not using the package would be very helpful. I’m thinking that purely for the perk of not being in line for 90 minutes, it’s worth my time.

We’ve only seen F! once at WDW and we did the HBD package, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. But I would definitely consider doing it again next time.

We really enjoyed our dinner and the signature drinks, and because it was a bit early – ours was also at 5:45 pm – we felt like we could just relax.

The seating area for those with the F! packages is right in the center. We originally got seats up front but then changed our minds and sat about midway back to get what we thought would be a little better view and to avoid a little of the crowd when we were leaving. But from what I could tell there really wasn’t what you’d call a bad seat anywhere in that section.

And it was definitely nice not to have to wait in a long line for over an hour; I believe we got there about 25-30 minutes early and still had enough time to change seats.

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I’m a flip flopper on this one as well. The seating is the entire front and center section. It’s nice but really there isn’t a bad seat in the place. You don’t have to show up 45 minutes early although you do want to be a bit early because if the arena fills up they will open this area up for other guests to fill in any available room.

We didn’t ultimately need it as half of the two end sections were empty when we went but that was a slow time in November.

I’m mostly wishy washy about it because I feel like it’s a bit of a gouge. I think we paid nearly $80 for two at MM and the food and service were only mediocre. We probably won’t do it again. While we enjoy F! if we don’t get in to see it it’s just not that big of a deal to us.

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BTW, our visit to DHS was toward the end of March on a CL 7 day.

Yeah, that’s part of my concern. It’s pricey! I’ve got it booked at HBD because I really want to eat there, but I’ve also been considering eating at the lounge instead of in the actual restaurant, which would save a fair bit of money. Thanks for the input. You too, @RobertSch6!

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For what it’s worth the next time we do it regardless of how busy it is we’re going to try and just sit in the bleachers at the top of the arena between the two exits. It was a mad house trying to get out of there after the show last time.

That is a really really good point. I hate being in the middle of a crowd like that. Sitting in the area you mentioned might be a better fit for me.

I decided to go with this package too! I thought it would be easier b/c of not waiting in line (which it looks like you still have to wait 20 or so minutes). Considering people will be lined up, how do you jump ahead? Is there a separate line?

I believe that there is, off to the side. Possibly with the FP+ people, too.

There is a different line with a sign, also they opened it up way earlier than the ticket said so we just happened by and decided to go ahead and find a seat. The majority of our wait time was actually sitting in the amphitheater waiting for the show to start.


We did the F! Dine Package at HBD for multiple reasons:

  • We wanted to eat at HBD in the first place
  • We wanted a nice mid-day break (at the time we went F! was earlier in the day, so the DIne reservations were essentially late lunches)
  • We wanted to save on waiting time for F! so we could do more attractions

This was a winner for us on all three counts, especially since I figured out that we would have spent the same amount ordering a la carte at HBD anyway.


I am doing the F package but I am going to MM for a late lunch. Thanks for asking this question. I have been flip flopping in my head, too. I am sticking with it.

We did MM F! package and we went beginning of November. We did the beauty and the beast show next to F! And walked in after they had started letting others in, but before the arena was full. The package seating with cordoned off with a CM checking tickets. When we got there we had lots of choice of where to sit. I thought it was worthwhile as we got to see something else instead of waiting in a (long) line with two children. I liked the food at MM, but my husband did not. We were on DDP so didn’t have to pay extra, so it was worth it for us.


That is really good to know! I would have assumed that you would have to wait in line!