Fantasmic Dinner Package in November

Trying to book the Fantasmic Dinner Package for 11/4. It is definitely in my window of availability, I have other ADR’s after that. There are no dates in November at all for Fantasmic Dinner Package. Is this typical? I am just being patient at this point and assuming that they just haven’t posted those dates yet. But could it not be offered?

I haven’t read anything about F! being closed or DPs not being offered anymore. Is it just for that day, or is it for the whole time. Occasionally DHS gets rented out for private functions in the PM, and when that happens, nothing will be available. Have you looked to see if other DHS restaurants have ADRs available for that night? Disney hasn’t posted official park hours past Oct yet, so can’t cross-check there.

I was able to book Mama Melrose for the night I wanted, just not with the F! Package. It wasn’t showing any F! Package dates for after Nov 1. My dates are 10/29-11/6.

It could be two things - 1) DIS is being slow in putting the packages out - they did that for Candlelight Processional last year as they were showing nothing at 180 days and for a long time after, but they eventually become available or 2) if you chose a normal time for Dinner, the Fantasmic plan wasn’t available. That time of year Fantasmic! is often 1 show and it’s earlier which means you likely can’t do a Fantasmic! dinner reservation prior to 5PM. We typically do a Lunch F! dinner package for that reason.

My bet is on the latter and I’d suggest trying to book a lunch package instead to see if it allows you…Good luck.

Are F! times published on mde yet?. They don’t release packages for it until a week or so after the times are finalised. For March F! times weren’t released until about 4 months out. In Nov/Dec you might only get lunch F! packages as last sitting is about 2.5 hrs before first F!.

I was willing to do the meal whenever, but there isn’t any offered at all. I am assuming it falls into the first part of your response. They just haven’t set them up yet. Its not a big deal, I will just have to keep checking back. I was just wondering if anyone had insight. Thanks!

Thanks much, this kinda confirms what I was thinking. They probably just don’t have the plans finalized yet.

When do the F! show times get listed? Wondering about early July?

If you go to the Disney World Website and use the calander to go to park/day you will find info there.

Thanks @mumcalsop

I am going in October. At 180 days out, none of the F! packages were available. I kept checking each day, and they finally became available at 166 days out, and I was able to get one. So keep checking the site, and I’m sure they will eventually show up for you. If I remember correctly, F! itself showed up on the calendar a few days before the packages could be booked.


Did you get a time after 4pm?? I was wanting to book Mama Melroses but they didn’t show any times after 4pm. We go Oct 14-18

Yes. We got 4:25 pm. I think the F! package dinners are limited to between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm so that you have plenty of time to get to the show and so they don’t cut into their other dinner guests.

Following: Our 180 day window is 5/16 and we are looking for the same F! package. I checked earlier today and all of November is blocked out. Last date right now is 10/31. I will keep checking too to see when the dates open up. Good luck!

Hi All,
My 180 day window was this past Sunday the 15th. November F! dining packages were not able to be chosen at that time. So we went ahead and booked a regular ADR at H&V at 11:45am on 11/17/16 party of 6. A few days ago the monthly calendar finally turned “blue” for half the month for the F! packages, but all combinations of time, date, party size, showed no availibility. I called earlier today (5/18) and was informed that the actual diner packages were going to be released a around noon today (Eastern). I checked the website… and sure enough, around 12:30 there was available slots for November.
I did not see any for my 11/17 @ 11:45… so I called. They said they could not just add the F! package to my existing reservation ?!? even though plenty of VIP passes were available. So…they re-booked me for 11:15 that day with the F! passes… I then immediately got back on their website and was able to transfer it back to 11:45 WITH the F! passes since my old ADR @ 11:45 was dumped back into “available”. You would think that they could handle all of that on their side … but NO.
Lesson learned: always make your ADR for the resturant and time you eant for the F! package even if the package itself is unavailable at the time of booking… and don’t expect the folks on the phone to figure out the ways around their own system to get you what you want… do it yourself.



I was able to see them yesterday too. Got a lunch time that I could use. We were planning on a lunchtime arrival at DHS anyway that day (Mickey’s Holiday 5k that morning), so now instead of taking a break in middle of touring to eat, we will eat first when we get there, then go about our touring.
I still love this meal though. Its an extra fastpass.

Its an extra fastpass.

I agree. You’ve got to eat somewhere, so you might as well blend it with a virtual FP.

Hi !
Currently waiting to book my restaurants for december (7-14 december) but all the restaurants I want that also belong to a dinner package (tusker house, akershus, coral reef, hollywood vine…) seem to be full/ or not opened to reservation even if I want to book them without a package ! Is it normal ?

Lots of Tusker House ADRs should open as park hours expand. Most Epcot restaurants have been very difficult to book. Speculation is that it is related to CP packages.

It’s this way every year for EP…