Fantasmic Dining Packages - Are they worth it? Show time in Jan?

Hoping to catch Fantasmic on Jan 4th. Is it worth it to purchase a dining package to have access to the reserved seating? Also, it looks like the show time will be 8pm until November 13th and then will switch to 9pm until the end of November. Best guesses on if it will stay at 9pm through Jan? Wondering what time to book my ADR. Thanks all.

A dining package guarantees you a seat. And you usually only have to arrive about 20-30 minutes before the show, although they do encourage you to show earlier. So if you absolutely want to do the show and don’t want to wait for an hour, even two, then it’s worth it IMO.

Usually, when there were dining packages before, the latest dining time was 3 hours before the show. So booking a lunch was often a good option, unless you want a very early dinner.

You do have to book it through the Fantasmic Dining Package page. A normal ADR isn’t a dining package, albeit that sometimes they might offer you the chance to convert it if they haven’t sold their quota of packages that day.

Thanks for the advice @Nicky_S. I really wish they had more information on the packages and show time online, especially since reservations open up tomorrow!

We did the dining package for Fantasmic 3 years ago and it was expensive (5 of us) but I’m glad we did. I wouldn’t do it again because it’s not something I’d pay for more than once, but it was definitely worth it. Our seats were great.

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