Fantasmic Dining Package

Bit puzzled by this.
2016 Unofficial Guide suggests that having lunch or dinner in one of the three participating restaurants results in vouchers allowing priority entry later. Is this correct or are the vouchers only if you’ve booked the separately describe Fantasmic Dining Package? If the latter can disney dining plan be used against it?



Yes, you must book it is a Fantasmic Dining Package. Just having a regular reservation at the restaurant will not get you the vouchers. Yes, you can use the dining plan and it is a great use of the regular plan (one table service, one quick service, and a snack). Each person will get an appetizer, entrée, dessert, and drink if dining at Mama Melrose for 1 credit. If you go to Hollywood Brown Derby, it will cost you 2 credits a piece. Hollywood & Vine also has a Fantasmic Package, but it has a Minnie and Friends character meal with it for the year so I am not sure how many credits it is now. It used to be 1 for the buffet meal, but with the addition of characters as well as Fantasmic seating, I am betting 2. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you with that.

Last time we visited MM Fantasmic package we got 1app for the table and then dessert all around. H&V Fantasmic package is currently listed as 1 credit, we are hoping that it stays that way until April.

I wonder if it has changed- we ate there in April 2014 and 2015, and both times everyone got their own appetizer and entrée. Dessert was a shared platter. It was a lot of food with 4 apps, 4 entrees, and dessert for 2 adults and 2 tweens.

We are first time Disney World visitors, and overwhelmed a bit with everything that goes into booking this trip. Just a question for anyone who might be able to give us some insight about these dining packages for fantasmic.
We are visiting Hollywood studios on May 10th, the crowd calendar shows that crowds are a 2 that day. We have a fantasmic dining package booked for that day but was wondering if people think the dining package would be necessary with a low crowd. We would really like to use that opportunity to eat at 50’s rather than Hollywood and vine since there doesn’t seem to be anything too special about the food there, But didn’t want to miss out on fantasmic. Thanks in advance for any help!

Many many people see Fantasmic without doing a dining package. The package saves time queuing, allowing another ride and gets you a very good seat, but there are no bad seats just some better than others. In May the parks stay open a bit later anyway so you will have more time during the day to get all your rides in compared to Winter months when F! is earlier. Eat where you want its your vacation and if there is a second F! show aim to go to that one as it is quieter If you want to go to the first show just allow yourself a little extra time to queue. FYI H&V will be Minnie and friends at dinner if that’s interests you

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve always thought that the dining package was more valuable on days where there is only 1 show. Much like @mumcalsop mentioned above. I found it useful during non-peak season. It allowed me to maximize my time inside the park. However, as many people have said there really isn’t a bad viewing option. I do wish however, that there would be a way to incorporate a more efficient exit for people who use a fast pass for the show.