Fantasmic dining package question

Hey friends, I am so confused about the fantasmic dining package. We have never seen it before and would love to get the priority seating, but it seems like the restaurants that offer it only have odd times offered (not available - just offered) around 3-5 pm. Is this so everyone is done before the show? We had res for Sci Fi for lunch but the 4pm dinner seems a little soon …So basically my question is…are there any actual dinners offered with the Fantasmic package or is it basically limited to a late lunch? Thanks!

We usually book the “dinner package” for lunch. As you note, to give you time to actually attend the show, they only offer early dinner times. Wouldn’t do you much good to have passes for Fantasmic! but not be able to see the show since you’re still eating…

I’d look to switch your lunch from SciFi to a Fantasmic Dinner Package place personally…

We are going to HS next week and booked the Hollywood & vine seasonal dining dinner (meet Mickey, Minnie, etc…) w/Fantasmic tickets. Eating at 5:40pm…

The other thing to consider is if SciFi is a must do, they are serving Breakfast there now. Do a breakfast there followed by an early Fantasmic Dinner plan would likely be perfect food wise. Supplement with Mickey Ice Cream snacks in between as needed… :yum:

Only downside is depending on breakfast time slots available it could be a long day at HS waiting on Fantasmic with much of the park “in transition” currently…

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Last year we had a reservation at HBD at 5:25 as part of the Fantasmic package - squeezed in a FP run at Toy Story Mania but were so late by then that we could not get to the reserved seating - you really need these early times

I second the thoughts of just booking the dining package as a lunch. Because the pass is only good for the first showing it means they can’t seat very late for dinner.

Thanks for the information! I guess we will see if we can get a breakfast spot at scifi (my husband’s favorite) and then an early fantasmic dinner. Mickey ice cream in between of course!

What time was Fantasmic at that time of year?

Would the 3:30-4:30pm slots have the lunch or dinner characters please?

The late afternoon times are considered dinner for Fantasmic