Fantasmic: dining package or not

Hi! I was wondering what you guys think about the Fantastic Diner package. I was able to snag a reservation for the Mama Rosa at 6:55 which is a good time. Since we have the QS, we will be paying
out of pocket for this one. On the same day, I had an early diner reservation at Sci-Fi so I will have to chose between the 2. I also have a 10yo son so officially, I would have to pay an adult meal but since he is small, do you think I could get away with buying a child meal? Do they check? My other option is to skip the early show and go at 10:30 instead of 8:30. And if possible, watch Starwars galactic before the second show.

Any thoughts?

I did the dining package at HBD last year.

I got great seats as a result of it, but I did wonder how necessary it was. The theatre is huge and I’m not sure there are “bad” seats anywhere.

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Be sure that you book the ADR specifically for the Fantasmic dining package. That 6:55 reservation seems later than what they would normally let you book for the package. The latest F! dining reservation I’ve ever gotten was around 5 or 5:30 since you have to dine so many hours before the show. The seating is in the center of the stadium so seats are good.

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We have done Sci Fi and Mama Melrose dining package. While the seats were great at Fantasmic, we were not fans of the food at MM. We did enjoy Sci Fi. Burgers, fries and a milk shake. Yummy! And my 3 boys, 9, 9, and 6 loved Sci Fi.

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I would think that they would let your son order from the kids menu at MM and charge accordingly. We did the MM F! Package last year and really enjoyed it. The kids loved the food and we enjoyed the theming of the restaurant. We didn’t get to try SciFi but plan to this year.
On the other hand, I’m sure your son would really enjoy he Star war fireworks if he is a fan. If there is a chance to fit it in before F! I would recommend that choice. You could then try for a 4th FP for F! Or take your chances standby.
You probably can’t go wrong either way!

We looked into it, but decided on Sci Fi for lunch and the dessert package for Fantasmic. My rule of thumb with the dining packages is to only do them if we want to eat at the restaurant regardless because there are so many places we want to eat, it’s a shame to waste a meal and the money just for seats.


I’m struggling with this, so your response is a helpful reminder! No F! Dining package for me. There are much better things to spend our money on!


We did the Fantasmic package with HBD last year. We all wanted to try the “fancy food”, and while it was good, it’s not a repeat. This year was planning on doing MM package. Coworker went and loved it, but hearing conflicting things. Would love good, no-waiting seats, but kids haven’t tried Sci-Fi or 50’s. Not sure if the seats are good enough to do mediocre Italian…

I checked and it really was for the Fantasmic package: it’s for the second show. Good thing I checked bc I prefer the early show so I can still see the sw show at 10.

On the rare occasion that I go to Fantasmic, a dining package is the only way I’ll do it. My main reason is that you can show up 20 min before showtime and be guaranteed an excellent seat vice having to get there 60 min before and spend time in the cattle pen and then be forced to listen to some of the worst music piped into any venue in WDW for 30 min…

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We did MM and Fantasmic! package back in 2004. We enjoyed ourselves and as it was our first time watching Fantasmic! it was great. Being so long ago, though, I have no idea what the food was like and it will probably have changed since then. Now that I have issues with gluten and I’m diabetic, the thought of Italian food doesn’t really appeal to me. I think we FP Fantasmic! last year. I don’t really remember, to tell the truth. I recommend Fantasmic! if you’ve never seen it before. I’m not sure the dining package is really worth it, though.

DD and I enjoyed Sci-Fi Diner’s food. Not so much for DH, but his diet is so very restrictive that it’s hard to eat at some places. We loved the theming, but it would be nice if they actually showed a movie rather than a loop of clips that restarted by the time we left. DD doesn’t want to go there again because of the movie. It was too loud for her, and she was on sensory overload.

All three of us LOVED 50’s Prime Time. However, it was very busy. We loved our cousin who served us, and DD really enjoyed all the gimmick. The food was spectacularly good. However, it took us FOREVER to get out of there. Mostly because of DH’s dietary restrictions and the Chef having to consult with him for 15 - 20 minutes and then fixing him his own special meal. It isn’t the norm for it to take so long. The TVs also show a loop of clips. It isn’t as loud as Sci-Fi, though, and doesn’t take up 90% of your view, so it’s easier to ignore.

You guys are so helpful, thank you! I finally decided to do the F! package for lunch. After consulting you and talking to a coworker that went last year (She waited in line for 90 minutes before the show, eating in line… not for me), I will keep my lunch reservation (1:55) and go to fantasmic at 8:30. It will allow us to be in the cool during lunch, leave for a long break to use the pool at our hotel (end of august, it will be as hot as the sun, or so I’m told) and come back just before F!


That sounds perfect! Enjoy it!

So true! I just can’t stand the wait, so we either do the second show of the night or book a dining package.

Good info! We loved Fantasmic last year, but kind of on the fence about repeating. Kids are angling for either 50’s or SciFi. Looks like I may skip the dining package and go with one of those. Family is big into SW so we may do the Star Wars Galactic instead.

We enjoyed the SW Fireworks so much more than Fantasmic! But that was just us. It’s rather long for a repeat for us, and it made us have to go back to HS for another night to see SW. I’m not a huge fan of SW, but I don’t dislike it either. We enjoyed the projections.