Fantasmic dining package needed in December?

We’re going to be at HS on Christmas day this year. Fantasmic is a must for us. The meal times that are left for the dining package would mean that we can’t also get to the SciFi Dine-in, which is also on our wishlist. I don’t care if we sit in the centre or not, I just don’t want to have to line up for an hour or more to get seats. I’m wondering how reasonable it is to expect to get a seat Standby showing up 30 minutes before show time.


Is holding onto a F! fastpass out of the question as well?
You just have to weigh your options on the importance of it all. It might be crazy on xmas day, I’m just not sure. If I wanted to do F!, I’d do the package if I had a busy afternoon, or I’d get a fastpass and just hold onto it. The rumor is that plenty of fastpasses are issued for the show, but on xmas day, not sure I’d trust the whole - try for a 4th fastpass route, but that’s just me. The meal package just makes it so much simpler, imo. Aren’t there now breakfast packages available- maybe that could help out?

Thanks for the ideas. We’re not breakfast people to be honest. Did H&V breakfast package last time and while it was ok, it isn’t something we’re interested in again. I think I’ll keep checking package times for dinner and if I can’t get one we’ll just risk it with the 4th FP, or go extra early for standby.

Anyone have experience with Christmas Day shows and crowd levels?

I don’t know what time you’re looking for, but the latest you can get a dinner package is usually 2.5 to 3 hrs before the time of the show. If Fantasmic is scheduled for 7pm, the latest you will be able to book dinner with the dining package is around 4:30pm. That ties in with our experience on 30th Dec last year (we had dinner @ 4:20). So at best it’s a very early dinner.

Thanks for explaining the timing. I was just now able to get a Holly Brown Derby reservation for 4:15 that day - however this only showed up as a straight dining reservation. When searching for F! packages, only 3pm displayed. Is there any chance that a Disney customer service rep would be able to change this over to a package, as it does appear that 4:15 would meet their timing requirements.

No. It doesn’t happen, sorry.

What we did was to share a couple of QS meals around mid-day, just to keep us going. Then had something later on, back at the resort.

Ok, thanks! I guess we’ll just take our chances on standby for F! Hopefully it won’t be too bad, or maybe we’ll get lucky and be able to add a FPP day-of.

Thanks again.