Fantasmic! Dining Package Info

Hey all, another schoolboy question from your favorite noob!
So I had read in the Unofficial Guide about booking a Fantasmic dining package as a great way save the almost useless FastPass+ reservation for the show and get VIP access saving a little wait time. All sounded great…I gotta eat and anything that saves me waiting in line is always welcome.

So we are only a few weeks out from our vacation so predictably all the reservations were gone…but…checking back from time to time on Disneys reservation site (while I should have been more productive things at work!) I managed to grab a 4pm reservation at the Brown Derby, crappy time to eat dinner but whatever…I am flying in that day anyway so the whole day is gonna be out of whack anyways. So…my question is, do we have to take the 2 course set menu which will be according to the restaurant $56.99 pp or can you order whatever you like and still get the dining plan deal. I was expecting pricey anyways but honestly $120+ for two people to grab a bite to eat at an odd part of that day might be a little crazy even with my ‘Disney state of mind’ that being…whatever I think I’m gonna spend…triple it!

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Brown Derby is a signature dining restaurant. If you used the dining plan it would be two credits.

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Also make sure it says fantasmic dining package and not just a reservation at the brown derby they are separate.

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Fantasmic dining package is set price. There are 3 different restaurants you can go to and yep- all three are a fixed price for this. As mentioned before brown derby is a 2 credit meal so it’s $$$ either way. Here’s the link if you want to read up on the package. Have fun!!


Yes @Outer1 it is a Fantasmic Dining Package and not just a regular reservation but thanks for trying to help. @Mrs_Beast I did read the page already which is why I sorta guessed it was a set price deal, $56.99 for 2 courses and a soft drink at 4 in the afternoon seems like a pretty crazy price so I am probably just gonna keep checking back to se if I can get in at Hollywood & Vine or Momma Melrose. Sometimes I dont know where they get their prices from!!

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@JacobStephenson entrees at brown derby run in the $40 range… It’s a pricey place.

@Mrs_Beast yeah, and I wouldn’t mind paying that if I had a more ‘dinner’ appropriate time for the reservation but 2 courses and almost $60 at 4pm is a bit mad even when I am in Disney prices mode!!

what time do you plan on getting to the park?

Reason I ask, is it might not be a waste to use a fast pass if you are getting there late anyway. Do you have a second day planned there or just the one day?

Just the one day I am afraid. I am gonna get into the park at like 2-3pm. DHS was kinda our last choice of park but seen as we get into Orlando that morning we thought we would give it a chance with it being open later than most that day and the fact that you can get a lot done in 6-8 hours compared to MK or Epcot

UGG I know it’s a tough one. What tier is it? I am not quite sure about the tiers. Maybe someone else can help you with your must-do rides at that park. Maybe it would be worth it do “waste” a FP on it.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Depending on what time F! is being shown, you might actually not want to eat much later than that. Dinner at HBD is going to run 60-90 minutes, then plan on 15-20 to walk back across the park and into the arena, and even with the dining package, you’ll want to be at the arena 15-20 prior to show time. If F! is being shown at 6:30, I would be very comfortable with a 4:00PM dinner. One time I had a 5PM HBD dinner and had to almost jog to the arena to make it on time for a 7:00 PM show…

@bswan26 shows are at 8pm and 9:30pm that day. I am thinking to maybe just go to the 9:30pm and hope that the crowds have dispersed a little. I am not going to be entering the part till 2-3pm so I do wanna do other things than eat and watch the show!!

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TP obsessively tells me to go to the 8pm show n matter what I try and manipulate in the software so I guess I will just ignore its advice!

You can always use evaluate instead of optimize. I usually optimize to get a general idea then reorder them how I like them and use evaluate.

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All the F! dinner packages are at really early times. We have a MM F! at 5:30 and that is as late as they go. We never eat dinner before 7:00 and prefer 8 to 8:30 on vacation, so I hear you! The other option is do it for lunch. You get the seating tickets for the evening performance. It’s still a lot of food (price is the same), but maybe eating at 1:00 feels more reasonable? Then you could go back to resort and rest, return for the evening. Have a snack for dinner. I would do that if our plan allowed for it. But for us “early bird senior dining” time will have to do!

Don’t get the FPP for F! It is a lousy seating area and not worth using a Tier 1 FPP

Yeah I read that FP+ is a total waste for F! @len and the gang suggest going to the later showing which is an option on the day I am at the park…I am hoping their advice is pukka! tbh anything beats forcing a 2 course, $60, grill dinner down my throat at 3.40pm which is my current ‘time saver’!!

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I just snagged a F! dinner package at HBD for 5:45 pm. F! is showing at 8:30 pm that day, though, so maybe that makes the difference.

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That def could be so. Plus HBD might book later in the evening than MM