Fantasmic Dessert Party - Gluten Free

We are considering the Fantasmic! Dessert Party but we have 3 people who have a gluten allergy (celiac). Wondering if anyone has done the Fantasmic Dessert Party and gotten a gluten free box? What was in the box? Did you have any issues getting a gluten free box? Do I need to call the Special Diet line to let them know there are three people with the allergy?

Any help would be appreciated!


I haven’t done that party, but when you book it you can let them know about the dietary restrictions and they’ll have a box for each person who needs it.

In case anyone else ever needs this information. They call you about three weeks before to see how many people in your party will require the gluten free dessert box.

When we go I’ll take a picture of the box and post it here with list of what was in it. I have searched high and low to find out what might come in the box. I’m sure it varies but it would be nice to get an idea of what might be in the box.

Hi! I was wondering if anyone could report back on what was in their gluten free dessert box. Thanks!

So i haven’t been to one, but I did watch a vlog and it was showing some gluten free stuff at the Frozen dessert party. From what the vlog showed it was a lot of packaged items, like cookies,from gluten free bakeries.

Last I saw, many of the treats are from Erin McKenna’s at Disney Springs.

They had grapes, a package of “Enjoy life” chocolate chip cookies, cotton candy, And I believe there were a couple of baked goods as well. Honestly Don’t remember all that well. We were stuffed from dinner and didn’t really eat much. It all looked delicious but we weren’t hungry by then.

We all liked the glowing mugs and the drinks were pretty good. It was more about the experience than the food for us. The boys thought it was fun to get the lanyards and mugs and have special seating.

I don’t know that I would do it again, but I am glad we did it at least once. The boys had such a great time.

(I totally forgot in the moment to take a picture of the box😏


Thanks for the update :slight_smile: