Fantasmic CL9 Advice

Hi, we will be visiting HS on a CL 9 day, with 1 Fantasmic show @ 7 pm (President’s Day 2018). This show is a must do for our group as is Toy Story Mania. What should I do? We will be arriving at the park around 1:00pm, hoping to score TS FP @ 60 days for around 2. Don’t need FP for anything else, so I could select burner passes for other shows before that… not sure I love that idea. I’m not opposed to dining package at Mama Mias, but that seems really hard to score… I looked today for 180 days out… nothing??

I’m not sure what to do? We will have a ECV bound person with us. If we wait standby will we be able to get in? How early do we need to be there?


Dining packages are easy to get aren’t they?

Dining packages don’t come out at 180 days. Keep looking over the next few weeks. Also remember the latest time you will be able to get for a dinner package is around 4:30, maybe a little later. You might want to consider looking for a lunch package too, which would increase your chances.

It’s a CL9 and your waits are going to be short enough not to need any FP except TSM? What else is on your plan?

The trouble with dining packages is that you really need to be checking every day to see if they’ve been released, so it’s a bit of a pain, but doable.

@Eazaleski Personally if those two are on your must do list I would get FP for TSM and keep checking for F!dining.
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Other than TSM we are really only planning to do a couple of shows - Muppet Vision, and Disney Junior and then meet characters. Kiddos are not into thrill rides and have seen the other shows, so really we are there mostly for characters and Fantasmic.

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I booked my dining package for Hollywood Brown Derby 100 days before. They are still some available formthat day. I would go for a lunch Fantasmic package.

Got Fantasmic dining package at Mama Melrose for 3:30 pm, so that is our plan. Thanks everyone for your advice!