Fantasmic Cancelation Procedure

We’re heading out in less than a week, and the weather forecast is looking grim. I’m ready for bad weather but I’m wondering about our Fantasmic Dessert Party reservation for Friday June 1st.

How does Disney handle Fantasmic cancellation? If they shut it down, at what point would we know, and how would they communicate it?

Keep in mind that in the event that Fantasmic is cancelled… the dessert party still goes on:

“In the event of inclement weather, your food and beverage experience will still be available, but may be moved to an alternate location. Please proceed to the theater at scheduled reservation time for additional direction.
Entertainment is subject to change or cancellation without notice. In the event of a show cancellation, VIP seating will be made available for an alternative show within 5 days.”

In essence, the dessert party still “goes on” even without the show and you are just giving VIP seating to a show within 5 days…

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Ugh… so we wouldn’t even get a refund for the (costly) desert party. That’s brutal. As if we’d pay all that money just to sit with a box of snacks in some room somewhere.


Can you please correct the title of this thread. It says “Fantastic” rather than “Fantasmic”.

The reason I care is because it sounds like you’re saying Disney’s policy is amazingly good! Having started a thread this morning about how bad the UK cancellation policy is, it almost feels like you’re having a go!




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