Fantasmic at hollywood and vine for lunch

I am wondering if I can book the Fantasmic dinner package and eat lunch at Hollywood and Vine when they have the Disney Jr. character dining. Most websites say it is just available for dinner at Hollywood and Vine, but it allows you to book a lunch time reservation, so I am confused.

If its booked as a F! package your are good for lunch. They only started offering F!packages at the character lunch last fall so its pretty new. Prior to that it was only non character dinner but when dinner changed to character meal F! packages changed also

thank you! I have been basing my entire HS day on having lunch with Disney Jr characters and Fantasmic and it didn’t occur to me that everything I read said dinner only until just now!

We did a Fantasmic package at H&V in December for lunch. You shouldn’t have a problem doing it. The irony was I thought I was getting the Minnie hosted Xmas characters which is only at Dinner. Oops…

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So if i have a Fantasmic Lunch at Hollywood and Vine is it Disney Jr. characters or MInnie and Pals?

You get the Disney Junior gang.

I just booked a Fantasmic Package for lunch at H&V! We’ve got HUGE Jake fans, so knew we wanted lunch, but didn’t see Fantasmic package option when I first booked ADRs. Super happy they offer this now :slight_smile: