Fantasmic! and Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular in the same night?

The day we are going to Hollywood Studios there is a 7:00 Fantasmic and a 8:00 Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular.

Is it possible to do both? Any advice?


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We weren’t interested in the star wars show but we did go to watch fantasmic

There are a huge amount of people watching fantasmic together and limited space for exiting at the end

So purely to avoid a huge slow queue at the end we decided to leave fantasmic a couple of minutes before the end

And as it happened we arrived near the exit of the park (which is close to where the star wars show is) just as it was starting

Had we wanted to watch this we would have had a decent enough view a well. I certainly got the impression fantasmic is where the big crowds are so my advice is watch fantasmic somewhere near the exit and be prepared to leave a couple of minutes before it ends, walk fast and all being well you will be able to see both

If you are in the middle of the fantasmic crowd coming out then you might find it much harder to make star wars in time

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A strategy I have read about is to sit near an exit at Fantasmic. You won’t have great view at either show, but can see both.

Since I have not been to Hollywood Studios since the Star Wars show started. How does leaving Fantastic work.? My concern is we are going to walk down Sunset Blvd to Hollywood Blvd at the intersection are we going to run into throngs of people waiting to see the Star Wars show. 7:00 Fantasmic and 8:00 Star Wars show. Seems like it could be chaos.


Also, any recommendations for where to watch the Star Wars show getting there late after Fantasmic? I saw something about watching from the other side of echo lake. We are not as interested in the videos on the building as we are in the fireworks.

We watched Fantasmic and were able to catch the end of Star Wars. We were dilly dallying with a stroller and two little kids, If you hustled and sat in the back of the theater im sure you would see a lot more pf the fireworks then we did. And we saw enough for my kids to enjoy fireworks.

You can see the fireworks from almost anywhere, we saw them from the bus back to POFQ several times. It’s actually really easy to see both shows when they are an hour apart though. It’s when they are only 30 mins apart that it’s difficult.