Fantasmic and Rivers of Light Package: Worth it?

Hello everyone, I was just curious what people thought on the worth of the Fantasmic and/or Rivers of Light Package. When we went to Disney a few years ago with our son (who was 5 at the time), we didn’t do either. In November we are going back (he’s now 7) and are considering trying to see both shows. I just can’t figure out if the Dining Package is worth the money.

Any information or tips would be helpful! Thanks!

We did both last time and loved it. Pricewise, it was about the same as if you paid without the package (but you have to get a main course, dessert and drink) with extra reserved seating. At TH, where we did the package for ROL, it was the exact same food, saw the characters and got tickets. Totally recommend.

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Are you on the dining plan? With that the packages are only one TS credit so are well worth it. Our travel agent booked the ROL package for us at Tusker House because we were already planning to eat there anyway. I’m not sure if it’s as good a deal if you are paying out of pocket.


If your on the dinning plan or if you are planing on eating TS at HS or AK its the same price. Why go to Tusker House or Hollywood & Vine and not take advantage of the free shows it saves the need for a fast pass.

it was worth it for me when I was there last November, but I was on the dining plan. I enjoyed both shows without having to queue for good seats.

Yes definitely worth it we did both on Disney dining plan and would do it again saves queuing to get in and saves using up a fastpass also

Since the shows are free, I wouldn’t think of dining packages as any sort of “deal”…but rather like getting an extra FastPass for the show. Yes, you can stand in line to attend via standby…and yes, you can use one of your Fastpasses…but with the dining package, you can skip much of the lines, use a Fastpass on another attraction, and just go to the show.

Worth it? Well, it depends in part on whether or not you would go to those restaurants anyway. In our case, we decided to make Hollywood & Vine and (regrettably) Tusker House as character meals, so it did. (Food was much, MUCH better at H&V than Tusker House, which was the only buffet I’ve ever been to that I had to buy snacks less than an hour later…)

After seeing the standby lines for Rivers of Light (granted, just after it opened last year), I’m glad we used a dining package. But based on the food and show, we wouldn’t do the Tusker/Rivers package again. Fantasmic/H&V, we’d do again.

We’ve used the Fantasmic package at both H&V and MDR. It’s a great option and we enjoy doing it. We are trying TH for ROL in Dec. Do you suggest breakfast or lunch if both are options on package?

We did Tiffins ROL dining plain a few months ago. Didn’t realize it was a price-fixed meal. My DD’s dinner would have cost $13 more if we didn’t have the ROL package. But ROL was a one-time show for us.

Do you suggest breakfast or lunch if both are options on package?

Depends on how adventuresome you are with your dining. The lunch and dinner buffets at Tusker House are heavily African influenced. You might love it; you might hate it. Breakfast is probably the safer option of the two. (At dinner, I noticed a bunch of adults at the kids buffet, FWIW…) Some people try for a late breakfast (i.e. a brunch) and then you can try both. (Of course, that then influences your daily plans.)

Breakfast will PROBABLY be cheaper…

Haven’t done an ROL package, but it’s the only way I’ll see Fantasmic. To me, the show just isn’t worth queuing up over an hour in advance.

Thanks. DH and myself so we can be a little adventurous! We enjoyed Boma and Sanaa in previous trips. We are on Dining Plan, so trying to get best bang for buck too. Thanks!

If so, then Tusker House lunch or dinner would be right up your alley.

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Rivers of Light and Fantasmic dining packages were totally worth it! Cost us nothing extra, was included in the DDP and the seating was prime real estate. We were close to the front and right in the center for both shows and it was like getting a bonus fast pass. If you do ROL, I HIGHLY recommend getting a fast pass for Everest for right after the show. It was the perfect way to end the night before walking through Pandora all lit up.

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Great idea thanks! I finally got the nerve to ride Everest last trip and look forward to doing it again!

We do a dining for Fantastic every time WHEN on the dining plan. We have to eat anyway, so might as well wrap it up in a pretty bow. We normally do Mama Melrose in HS. I always get seafood and it’s pretty good. My DH has always been happy with his selections, and my DD and DS are just happy to eat any type of pasta.

Haven’t tried it for ROL.

IMHO - if you are on dining plan and you really want to see the shows, then it’s a good idea.

Either way - enjoy your trip!

I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen the food at H&V described as better than anywhere else in property :joy:

Might be more that Tusker House was just that awful the night we were there. Main highlight of that experience was Donald and Goofy trying to get my son to eat something.

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