Fantasmic! and Osborne Lights - viewing both in one night

Hi all! A second showing of Fantasmic! was just added on December 17 at 8 pm in addition to the 6:30 pm showing. The park hours are 9 am - 8 pm that day. We’d also like to see the Osborne Lights the same night and I’ve heard they turn on around 6:30 as well. How would you choose to fit them in with the minimal amount of crowds for both? Crowd level is currently at a 3 for that day. Thanks for any advice! :smile:

On a CL 3 day, it probably doesn’t matter what order you do them in. If you want a shorter day, go to the 6:30 F! and then go through the Lights.

Thanks - I’ve never been but have heard on here that they keep the lights on past park closing - is that something we can count on?