Fantasmic! and late Oga's ressies

I searched for this in the forum and didn’t find the answer to my exact question. I apologize if this is (as usual with me) redundant.

Our party of six adults will be in HS on November 28. This will be our second half day there, having done most of what we want on our first half day. I’m thinking about going to Fantasmic!, which I haven’t seen since 2006, but we have 9:50 ADR’s for Oga’s. There are some serious Star Wars fans in our group, so Oga’s is a must-do.

(And honestly, I love being among the last to leave that gorgeous, empty park.)

Here’s my problem: From what I remember, at its conclusion, the Fantasmic! audience is routed backstage and then directly out of the park. Will CM’s let us exit through the entrance so we can make it to our Oga’s shenanigans? Or do I need to 86 the idea of seeing Fantasmic!? It’s OK if I can’t see Fantasmic!. I just thought it would be nice after all this time.

Thank you in advance. :smiley:

We did the same in January. But, we were exiting at the usual park area in front of ToT. I remember, bc I got a really great photo of the billboard for Fantasmic. We then just meandered our way past Gertie and Baseline, and went to Oga’s.


Fabulous! Exactly the kind of answer I needed. Thank you so much!!!

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Yes just don’t follow the crowd out the front

Exit near the restrooms inside of the Fantasmic area, and follow down that pathway

You’ll come out near the ToT exit and then you can go where you need to


I have a 9:55 PM ADR at Oga’s on 11/28 :slight_smile: If I recognize you, I’ll wave. I’m solo tripping, so I’m guessing I’ll be seated at the bar.


Oh, yay! Hello, friend! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: