Fantasmic AND Jingle Bam

I have the Fantasmic Dinner Party already booked for November 14th. There is only one showing of both Fantasmic and the new Jingle Bam show. Jingle Bam starts at 6:45 and Fantasmic starts at 7:00. Is it possible to do both? I am willing to have my DH and DD go to the fireworks show and I will reserve seats for the Fantasmic show. I don’t know if this is allowed or not. Our ONLY other option is park hop on our last day which only has a 9:00 show for Jingle Bam, and we have an early flight the next day.

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You won’t be able to do them both on Nov 14th. I’ve heard that Fantasmic dinner seats are valid for 5 days, though that is supposed to only be if there is bad weather, so maybe you can do fireworks on the 14th, and come back for fantasmic another night.