Fantasmic AND Jingle Bam


I have the Fantasmic Dinner Party already booked for November 14th. There is only one showing of both Fantasmic and the new Jingle Bam show. Jingle Bam starts at 6:45 and Fantasmic starts at 7:00. Is it possible to do both? I am willing to have my DH and DD go to the fireworks show and I will reserve seats for the Fantasmic show. I don't know if this is allowed or not. Our ONLY other option is park hop on our last day which only has a 9:00 show for Jingle Bam, and we have an early flight the next day.


You won't be able to do them both on Nov 14th. I've heard that Fantasmic dinner seats are valid for 5 days, though that is supposed to only be if there is bad weather, so maybe you can do fireworks on the 14th, and come back for fantasmic another night.