Fantasmic and FastPass+

How does FastPass+ work for Fantasmic? Any info would be appreciated. Are seats guaranteed until a certain time? I’m less concerned with the quality of the seats than I am with us not having to get there super early.


It’s not that great tbh. We just had this about ten days ago.

It’s basically entering in a slightly different place then being pointed to the far left of the arena

But there’s no reserved seats and by the time we arrived the left was full and we had to sit in seats behind the walkway where everybody comes in which have a very poor view

So even with fastpass you would likely need to arrive 30 mins early to get a better view

I don’t recommend it for fastpass for that reason

I do believe the dining fastpass does have reserved seats and may be a better option but someone else will need to confirm that?

Should say that on the same night we did the pixar live orchestra show and that was brilliant . That was better than fantasmic for us

It’s cartoons but with a great orchestra playing the music. It’s held in the same arena where they do beauty and the beast during the day which was also great

If you time it right you can watch pixar live then dine then watch fantasmic

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For a 9pm show, the FP would be for 8.30-8.50pm. You’d still probably want to get there at 8.30, but depending on how busy the park is that may still be saving you time.

I would definitely recommend a dining package if it is doable. We did this back in April, and the reserved section for the dining package was right in the front center of the arena. We arrived 20-30 mins ahead of time and there was still a lot of seating available in that section. Our seats were amazing, and we could use our fastpass elsewhere!

F! Dining VIP is the only way to go. We arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the show and sit right down in the front in the middle. Pro tip: sit 10 rows back & get less wet.