Fantasmic (8:00) & JBJB (9:00) in one night

Has anyone done this? I’d like to see both shows in the same night if possible, realizing that our seating for JBJB might not be fabulous…

I would go for it. Right now they are scheduled to be at the same time while I am there. Has me seriously considering going to spirit of aloha early so I can get back to HS and see the one we will miss. Not having much luck convincing DH that we need to do this. He can only think about the travel time.

They are the same time the night I am there too.

Is JBJB where Star Wars fireworks were? If so we got out of F! In time to get down to the street to watch the fireworks just done a few years ago. We were near the back in dinner package seating and hustled our.

There is no “seating” for JBJB, you just stand and watch from the area in front of the Chinese theater, at the end of Hollywood Blvd.

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Right. I just meant we wouldn’t be there in advance to save a “prime” spot :slight_smile:

Yes it’s on the Chinese Theater.

I think you can do it.


Good, I wondered if that was what you meant, but I just wanted to make sure.