Fantasmic 4:25 dinner package

On September 18, I have a 4:25 reservation at Hollywood Brown Derby for the Fantasmic dinner package. As of now HS is projected at a CL 2, which I’m sure will go up at some point, and Fantasmic looks like it is scheduled for 8. My question is, in trying to create a TP for that evening, I keep getting stuck on how much I can realistically expect to get done before we will need to line up for Fantasmic. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts? Also, we will be coming back to HS the next day so we should have more than enough time to see everything we want. Just trying to figure out the best use of our time that night.

In my experience, the F! dinner package seating is excellent and does not require very early arrival. Yhe tickets you get at dinner will give you a 30 minute arrival window. That is PLENTY of time. Again, this is my experience only.

My experience has been great with this package. 30 minutes with the dinner is a great window and you do have seating in the reserved section. We are doing this on Friday so if I have anything else to let you know about, I will put something out here.

When we have done this package we have arrived 15 minutes before the show and had no problems.

As everyone else has said you don’t need to arrive early. Just know that about 5 minutes before time they will usually open up the area and allow anyone to sit in it so it can fill up quickly after that.

I should also mention we went during a slow time and the package was pretty much wasted on us as the show wasn’t even near full. Most of the two furthest sides were empty and we could have easily sat in one of those.

This thought had occurred to me about the package being unnecessary, but we are on the deluxe dining plan so I thought it was a good use of 2 credits for a signature meal in HS.

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Thanks for the information everyone! My next concern is how to split up that first evening. That first day we have a 7:45 ADR at Chef Mickey’s and plan to get to MK as close to 9 as possible. Stay in MK until midday and then go back to the Poly and relax prior to heading to HS. Do I just trust that the MK predicted CL of 1 will hold somewhere close to that and I will be able to ride standby for most everything? If I do that, then it makes sense to save my FP’s for that evening in HS, I think. What do you all think?