Fantasia Gardens Staying at BC

Talk to me about Fantasia Gardens. I promised down time for our next trip. DD7 is finding all sorts of things to do outside of the parks.

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Looks like it is a 15 min walk from BC.

How much does it cost?

Aren’t you from the UK? In which case it’s included in your ticket.

But if I have that wrong, then it’s $14 for adults, $12 for a child (under 10).

Easiest way to get there is to walk up to the Swan around the lake, and then go through the lobby. I think there’s a crossing to help you across the road…

I’m not from the UK. I am from the boring state of Maryland. Is it worth the price? That’s a bit steep for mini golf, even for a tourist area. How much time would you expect to play a round here?

Maryland - boring? I don’t believe that!

We did it once, on our first trip. We were there for about an hour I guess, maybe 45 minutes playing.

It does seem steep, I agree. We wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t included in our tickets.

It is a lovely choice for a “down day” from Beach Club. We tried it last year for the first time and really enjoyed both the walk and golf. We went at opening to avoid a wait. We were also done in about 45 minutes.

I guess you are right. I am 1 hr from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. I can travel to other major cities on the East coast in 2-3 hrs. Also the Atlantic Ocean is just 2-3 hrs drive.

This is a good idea.

Is it a safe walk from the Beach Club? The map is very hard to tell if it is a complete sidewalk.

Look at the satellite photos on Google maps. It shows good sidewalks all the way there.

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Honestly, I would take the scenic route around the lake rather than the sidewalks all the way there. Why walk along a road when you can do most of it around the lake front?

I have no idea… I haven’t stayed at BC before and haven’t Ever walked the lake…

Totally safe and enjoyable walk. We went along the lake towards Swan and Dolphin, past the pool (with a nice little playground on the way), and along sidewalk to golf. It is easier than it looks on the map. We crossed one road, but there was little traffic and a safe crossing spot. We had an unpredictable 5 year old with us, but it was super easy.

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Related question… could we do Fantasia Gardens on the way to HS?? I don’t plan to RD HS. Fantasia opens at 10:00. I figure we could arrive right at opening, and be at HS by 11:00ish. Again, I have never walked this area and just have some uncertainty about safety and logistics.

If you got there at 10 and it took you around 45 minutes to play, then you could go back to the Swan and either walk up to DHS or take the boat.

I think you could certainly be in DHS by 11:30, maybe a bit earlier.

Thanks for the help @Nicky_S

It is. Use the lakeside walk, past the Yacht Club, up and over the bridge towards the Boardwalk and then immediately turn towards the Swan. There’s a sidewalk that goes past the front of the swan (signs for tennis courts, IIRC) that will lead you to a crosswalk that connects to Fantasia Gardens.

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