Fans in staterooms

I have not been able to find a good answer to my question about fans in staterooms. My family can’t sleep without a fan. Any info on being able to bring your own fan. And if so, is there a limit on size of the fan?

I took my bedside fan on the Dream last April without issue. I did pack it in our carry-on the day we boarded in case there was a problem. I was imagining they would take it out of the luggage if it was an issue so I wanted it nearby. No problems at all! PS I have slept with the noise of a fan for 20 something years, it MUST be able to travel with me! :wink:
I don’t know about size limits, but I am guessing a box fan would raise some eyebrows. This is similar to the size we took.

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Possible alternative to a fan: Can you find a phone app with a white noise fan sound?