Family Vacation Dec 2016

Taking my DW and DD5 on their first trip to WDW on 12/4-12/12 (9 days, 8 nights). We’ll be staying at WL, 7 day park tickets. Just wondering if I should add park hopper tickets, ideas for arrival day, MVMCP 2 times or is once enough, and a review of the “sleigh” ride through FW? TIA

I think one time MVMCP would be fine. You could that on a day when you aren’t doing a theme park. Park Hopper would depend on what you wanted to do but I love having a hopper :slight_smile: It will depend on what time you arrive. I believe they also have “sleigh” rides through POR.

Carriage rides go through POR. Sorry, I have never done the sleigh ride- sounds like fun!

If you want to meet characters two parties may be a good idea.

we were there one night for MVMCP and loved it. My kids not into characters so were on the rides non stop. Spoiled by how many we did. Only family on splash. Rode barnstormer three times straight without getting off. Would love to do sleigh ride but just didn’t have time. We had park hopper DS 6 and DD 8 and really didn’t need them but if you want dinner is different park would be the main reason to have one.

You can upgrade to park hopper while on your trip. If you are not sure that you are going to use them -you can wait. I actually don’t like to hop too much. But If you plan a park for a morning and then a break and then MK in the evening you might want them.

I agree that one MVMCP would be enough. Sounds fun!

Suggestion for your arrival day - explore WL! It’s such a beautiful resort, and the Christmas decorations are enchanting. Then take a boat to the MK and get on the monorail to the 3 resorts on the lake, and check out the Christmas decorations there! They’re completely over the top, in a good way. Don’t miss the life-size gingerbread house in the Grand Floridian and buy a gingerbread roof shingle (then eat it immediately. Wait, that’s me).

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Thank you for the suggestions, I’m looking forward to exploring the resorts. I hope the construction at WL isn’t going to be too invasive. I think you talked me into trying the gingerbread:)

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