Family Shirts

Has anyone ordered from Mz. Disnee? How did you feel the shirt sizing was for women, anyone have any pics of their shirts? Thank you, I know I am over thinking the whole sizing thing! :slight_smile:

I have. They looked great. I generally wear a women’s 1X and I think I ordered an XXL. it was a little tight but still wearable. My sons’ and DH’s shirts fit fine.


Your family looks great!

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Those are cute!

Thanks! I’m already plotting the shirts I’m going to do for our trip next year.

Fun! I’m doing the same, lol. So many cute options out there. Have you narrowed down what you’re looking at? I got a cute tee for MVMCP but would like some kind of coordinating family shirts.


I did a polo shirt for my DH because that’s all he wants to wear. My sons like the dry fit shirts and I recently checked with MZ Disnee and she has them. I’m planning on: I Solemnly Swear I’m Up to No Good on one side and Mischeif Managed on the other, Griffyndor shirts, (both for UOR) and the I’m going to WDW ones with the Mickey airplane. Probably some pirate Mickeys too. I was also thinking of trying to make the tie dyed Mickey shirts too. Have you seen those?

Those sound great! Yes I’ve seen some great tie dyed Mickey shirts but haven’t attempted one yet!

Thanks @t9383!

I made some of the tie dye Mickey shirts. It was pretty fun - the kids helped (or “helped” in the case of DD3 at the time). They still wear them. I also just bought some matching inexpensive men’s shirts (like on sale from kohls and jcpenny) and modified them for the kids. They turned out pretty well. Matching shirts are so fun! Your family looked so cute in that pic!

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Would love ideas for MVMCP!

This is the shirt I got for MVMCP, very pleased with the quality!
It’s from Once Upon a Mickey Tee.


Love it! Is that a Magical Creations by Mz Disnee shirt?

It’s from Once Upon A Mickey Tee!

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Circling back to this thread b/c I’m looking for shirts for our trip in 23 days! Anyone know Mz. Disney’s turnaround time for orders?

I would ask her. I think she do them on a rush too if you need it. I’ve gotten shirts from her before and loved them. They last a long time.

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