Family of rope droppers ready for some MAGIC! July 2021 trip report

Ok, it’s time for us to finish our 2020 Spring break vacation. We used 2 of our 6 day park hopper tickets last year (yes, we were at the MK on the very last day before the park closures….). After multiple failed attempts, we are finally headed back!

  • Our family: me (42), DH44, DD11, DD8
  • Staying at: Dolphin
  • Dates: 7/8-7/13
  • The plan:
    • Day 1: HS (first time trying to ride RoR :pray:) => rope drop MMRR or SDD
    • Day 2: AK => rope drop FOP
    • Day 3: MK => rope drop 7DMT or space mountain
    • Day 4: HS back up => rope drop RnR or SDD
  • ADRs we are excited to try: Oga’s, SciFi, Yak and Yeti, Skipper’s Canteen, Via Napoli, Coral Reef
  • Transportation: exclusively Disney and ride share, which we are unfamiliar with as we have always rented a car.

A little more background:

I didn’t grow up in the US, and didn’t have a chance to go to a Disney park when I was little. I remember being 12 and looking at travel magazines dreaming about Disney vacations thinking “ it’s better if I go when I’m older, because I then I can go to Pleasure Island!”. When I went to WDW for the first time in 2005 it was like a dream come true! Pleasure Island wasn’t a thing anymore (I don’t think), but those paper Fast Passes and paper maps…. Oh, it was so simple, so easy. It was October, I remember, after the Katrina. I also remember DH (then my fiancée) talking to his mom on the phone “Mom, she is like a little kid here!” ha ha!

I went back once again in 2007 for Christmas/New Years, didn’t do much because the parks were packed, but it didn’t matter. For me, just being at WDW was enough.

Fast forward to 2015, I had moved to the US, finished my post grad training, got my first real job and had my two kids. My oldest was turning 5 and I thought it was about time to go back to WDW to celebrate her birthday. I had no clue things had changed so much. I remember downloading MDE a week prior, heard about magic bands while in the parks, thought fast passes had to be purchased, then got 3 the week of. It didn’t matter, we were in a large group and we had the best time! In 2016, stayed at AoA for a few nights prior to a Disney cruise and went to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon lagoon.

In 2018, we stayed at WL for a week. Had no idea about EMH. Yes, I was one of those people that stop at the hub at MK holding their phones, trying to decide where to go next. Completely clueless. Ignorance is indeed a bliss, because I still loved it! But… then, the lines, the crowds, just brutal! What happened to October? That’s when I decided to Google “how to avoid the crowds at WDW”, which led me to this forum. There was so much to learn…!

I spent all of 2019 planning the most epic vacation for my family - Spring break 2020. Then it was announced the parks were going to close. We had 2 days. Using all the tricks I learned here, we visited 4 parks, we rope dropped FOP and FEA, got more FPP that I could count at MK, went to HS got on most headliners except MMRR and RoR, did CRT and BOG, also BBBoutique for my 2 girls, and ended watching HEA in an almost empty park. It was MAGICAL! We checked out of the CBR and went to Poly for 2 nights just to enjoy the pool. We did Ohana breakfast, Sanaa and B&C. After all of this, DH turned to me and said “Thank you, this is the best WDW vacation I have ever had”

So…. when it was time to go back now in 2021, the whole family goes, “we will do the same as last year right? We want to rope drop!”
And here we are…

I warned the family that things will probably be different this time. We shall see how it goes, but I know this trip will be wonderful no matter what!


I hope you have the best time ever! :heart:


Can’t wait to follow along with you! Hope y’all have the best time together!

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What a wonderful background story!!! I can’t wait to see how this turns out! :smiley:

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A similar search sent me here before our first family trip in 2010 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love your background story :heart: We are all little kids in WDW - it is a wonderful thing!

Looking forward to following you!


We ought to have a “how did you find Touring Plans” thread. I bet the answers would be in interesting!


And you do so much for this forum. I learned a lot from your posts! :heart:


Yes!! Great idea!


Oh my! Thank you! It’s entirely pleasure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yesterday night, dinner table, I ask “What’s your favorite park?”
DD8 quietly leaves the table and comes back with this
(Now, I really think/hope she knows how to spell animal… Not sure what happened haha)


you must save that! :heart:


Mission is a go! We are in an airplane headed to Orlando!!! It’s really happening!!! :pray: :pray: :pray:


How fun love all
The stitch!!


Arrived into a STORM!

Yay, bring it on!!! (Shoot, forgot to pack board games. And I guess no pool for us this afternoon)


Oh man. I hope the rain goes away.

It was the only thing that was a bummer on my trip. It was the rainiest trip we have ever had.


Woo hoo! I’m excited to follow along! Glad I started that other thread cause I somehow missed when you started this one!


Yay you’re there!!! Boo storms! Hopefully they pass quickly. Excited to follow along!!


We arrived at the Dolphin at 1:30 pm and even though check-in is not until 4 pm, our room was ready! We were starving, so we just dropped off our bags to explore and find something to eat.

:warning:Review Picabu restaurant, Dolphin

We wanted to go to the Fountain, but there was a 25 min wait, so we decided to go to Picabu.

  • Pros:
    • Theming, fun and detailed - love it!
    • Food was was delicious! It didn’t look very appealing, but we were pleasantly surprised. DH and I got taco bowl, DD11 got nachos, and DD8 got chicken and mac n’ cheese. We all thought it was really good
  • Cons: Basic menu and not many options
  • Overall: I’d recommend it for those who are already in the area and want something fast and simple, but also tasty.

Interesting decor

My picky eater loved her nachos

Cafeteria style


If you were wondering what DD8 brought in her Stitch backpack…
“They are family” she says