Family Magic Tour

Contemplating doing the family magic tour on an upcoming trip. Anyone have any thoughts on whether or not it is worthwhile? It will be me, my wife and our daughter, who will be celebrating her 6th birthday. We go the parks at least once a year and are looking for something to mix it up a little.

Seems like it is a bit of a scavenger hunt – is that fair? Please, no spoilers, but I am having a tough time figuring out what exactly it is, so any insight there would be great.


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Yes, it is a scavenger hunt through magic kingdom. We did the tour in December 2013 with our boys that were 7 and 2 at the time and they loved it! It does take a few hours of your day, but our kids really enjoyed it. The tour guide did a great job getting all of the kids involved. Our group had some kids that were more talkative than others and she would include all of the kids and made sure that they all had opportunities to be involved and help find the clues and answers. If you have a disney visa there should also be a discount available.