Family Magic Tour with an almost 4 year old

I was looking at the Family Magic Tour and trying to decide if it is worth it for my DD which will be almost 4 at the time. We will have 3 days at Magic Kingdom over the course of our trip so I was thinking it might be fun for the 3rd morning. It will be her 2nd trip. I did read some reviews about it but I am specifically looking for feedback for this age. Should I bother or wait a few years until she is older?

We did the Family Magic Tour on my last trip. The youngest of my two boys was about two years older than what you are looking at. There were some kids in the tour that were probably 4, or just under. It seemed like they were enjoying it. The tour guide did a great job of incorporating all of the kids into the activities. So, I think the only thing you would have to worry about would be if the group somehow happened to have a large number of older kids that might try to take over. Here is my review of the tour overall if you haven’t already seen it.