Family Magic Tour - any new updates?

My daughter and I are spending the morning and most of the afternoon in MK while my husband is in a conference. We visit WDW frequently (at least once a year) so I thought the Family Magic Tour might be fun to try for something different. This wouldn’t be my husbands cup of tea so I figured it would be a great time to give it a try. My daughter is 7 (will be almost 8 at time of tour) and loved doing the chip and dale Christmas tree spree at Epcot this year for reference.

Does anyone have any opinions about this tour for this age and has anyone done it very recently to know which attraction and meet and greets are typically included (assuming no closures of course)? Everything I have read said they ran into Peter Pan, rode an attraction of some kind along the way, and at the end met Micky at town square theater. I’m particularly wondering if the met Mickey part at the end has now changed since the town square theater meet and greet includes Minnie as well.

Oh yes I would be interesting in knowing this as well! Sounds like fun, I think my DD7 would also like for our girls trip.

I have this scheduled for me and my 7 and 9 year olds while my DH and teens do the Void in a few weeks! I found very few reviews of this when I was considering, but the few I found for this age range were good. Looking forward to it.

So exciting! I agree - the ones I found were all very positive for these ages. Please check in and let us know how the tour worked for you guys if you don’t mind and have a great vacation!

Our trip isn’t until Sept so maybe I can find some more reviews prior to then! Enjoy your trip as well!

I’ll report back (you can always tag me if I forget!)–our trip is at the end of next month!

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I have it scheduled for my DD7 and me at the end of May. Saving to hear back from folks that do it before us and will report back ourselves as well. I am particularly curious about the Mickey greet as well now that Minnie is with him.

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Yes please report back!
Based on the few reviews I read online the M&G may be the one thing that is consistent, in that you have to take your treasures or whatever you find back to Mickey. Hopefully they throw in a twist with Minnie in there somehow. It does sound like that a Fantasyland ride might or might not be in the cards. Maybe it depends on how busy it is on that particular day.
Also does appear that a meet and greet with Peter Pan happens all the time.
sounds like a good value, if you get a ride, an 2 (well 3 in this case) character greetings.

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I’m curious if you ended up doing the tour? Was Minnie with Mickey at the end? I Saw a post on Facebook where someone said they just did it and it did include Minnie and Mickey at town square.

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We did the Family Magic Tour last week. My kids were 8 and 9. The kids ranged in age from 3 to 12. We really enjoyed the tour and I would recommend it for repeat visitors with kids with ages from 6-10.

The only negative about the tour is that is not really possible to accommodate the younger and older kids. There is a big difference in interest, attention, and participation between kids in pullups and 10 year olds. I understand the reason they have it for such a wide range of ages as lots of sibling pairs were there (I think we had 5 families with a total of 9 kids ages 11, 10, 9, 9, 8, 6, 4, 4, 3, infant maybe 5 months). Nonetheless my kids had a great time.

Spoiler alert: Our CM guide was really cute and cheerful. She engaged all the kids, letting the older ones read the clues when we found them, and then everyone got a chance to search for the items, play the games, etc. She let the younger ones carry the found items to get them involved in the quest but I’m pretty sure none of the younger kids understood what we were trying to do and just trudged along on the tour. We walked all over the place for a good two hours. We got to ride Tea Cups and Under the Sea and we met Peter Pan who played a matching game with us and then we got to go in a special entrance to meet Mickey and Minnie and get autographs signed. My kids liked getting to go off the beaten path. We got to look through bushes, duck under a cast member only sign to get to a blocked off area, go in the back entrance to see Mickey and Minnie, go behind the cash register at a store—that kind of stuff. If you’ve been to MK before and generally know the lay of the land and your kids are ages 5-10, I give it a double thumbs up. I did wish they had a snack stop in the middle for water and a cookie or something as my kids needed a snack but there was only a bathroom/water fountain break in the middle so keep that in mind and come prepared.


Thank you so much! Glad you had a great time!

This sounds really cool but I’ve never heard of it! Is it a VIP- type tour?

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Sounds like a great time! I am still torn about doing it during such prime touring hours. I think my DD would really like it. Based on other reviews it sounds like rides are based on each cast member and then crowd level. That’s great you got 2 rides in. Wonder if they carry on even if it’s raining.

One last question - did you tip the CM at the end?

I did not, we tried last year after another tour and were turned down by the CM so I did not try this time.

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It was a lot of fun. We had 4 days at MK this trip (2 full and 2 half days) so we did this tour on one of our 1/2 days. I would do it for sure if 1) you have been to WDW multiple times, 2) you have at least 2 days at MK, 3) you want something different, 4) your child is between 5-10, and 5) you like scavenger hunts. I wouldn’t do it to get the extra rides and M&G personally but that was definitely a perk :slight_smile:

What’s the premise again? The stepsisters stole something that Mickey wants back??

Did you tell your kids it was a tour? Or scavenger hunt? I’m not sure how to prepare them. Or surprise them?

Just curious if there were any new updates on this? Bumping it to the top for exposure. :slight_smile: I watched the few youtube videos I found and it looks really fun.

I have it booked for DD7 and me on the 28th of this month. Will be sure to report back!