Family group of 12 heading to WDW in May- advice appreciated!

So in 107 days as a 30th birthday present to myself I will be fulfilling my lifelong dream of sharing my love of Disney with those I love most. I am going in May with my DH, DD3, Brother, 2 nieces (10 & 11), nephew (7), mom, dad, MIL, 2 SILs, and a partridge in a pear tree!!! no scrap that last one :wink: So that makes 12 of us all together. Since we’re paying for lodging we booked out of the world through All Star Vacation Homes and the house is exactly 3 miles outside of Disney, about 11-22 min. driving distance to each park. We will be arriving on May 2nd and leaving May 9th, so 6 full vacation days, 2 days of travel. I have been to WDW once last May (but have been to Disneyland many multiple of times) and while it was a complete and utter BLAST I did overdo it and over scheduled myself like crazy with back to back multiple park days and didn’t get to enjoy myself as much as I would have liked. I’d love input and suggestions on how to make this upcoming trip special and somewhat relaxing for this large of a group. I know they will be fine if we focus on less attractions and more family-fun time activities so any suggestions in that arena would be wonderful as like I said, WDW is semi new territory to me. Also, someone mentioned in a previous thread that there is a number to call for making ADR for groups of 10+ anyone know this number? Thanks!

When I did a party of 10 not that long ago, what we tended to do was set a “park of the day” and just meet for a meal every day, but aside from that, everyone was on their own. By not scheduling things, people tended to meet up for a while, and go on their way for a while. Those who wanted to go all-in doing every attraction possible could do that, and those who wanted to head back to the rooms and take a nap or go for a swim had that option. It made for a very stress-free vacation for everyone involved.


Sounds fantastic! Also sounds as though you’ve already figured out your own best advice. I’ve never planned for a group this big so I don’t have anything to add; may be nice to have some of the others on board in keener-planning mode like you (makes it easier to convince the rest of the gang of the value of Rope Drop). We rented a house in 2012 and loved it.

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Yeah thankfully I have already convinced them of the necessity of RD procedure. My nieces and nephew have been to DL once many years ago and barely remember it so they are so incredibly excited for this. I think I could call all the shots pretty much if I wanted to which is good but also a lot of pressure to make good decisions and steer everyone in the right direction. I am so thankful for finding this group and TP’s resources and research info, it’s helping a TON.

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I think @mascardofamily is on the right track with a “park of the day”. People who want to sleep in will be able to, meet up (and split up when they need a break from all of the togetherness), etc. Perhaps schedule two “mandatory activities” for each day, maybe one ADR for a meal and a plan to ride at least one or two attractions together every day? You’ll get the family time without having to try and get all of the kids and all of the adults on the same page every.waking.minute.

For a family-friendly activity, what about the campfire singalong with Chip and Dale at Fort Wilderness? Some campfire songs, smores (bring the fixin’s from home instead of buying them there to save a little money), low-key character interaction, and a movie if you feel like staying for it. Another fun thing might be YeHaa Bob at POR. He puts on a set that’s very family friendly.

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