Family & Friends linking, checking for help here first before I have to call MDE!

When my DB and SIL are in the parks, I would like to be able to make our Genie+ reservations together. I have successfully link with my SIL, but not as successfully with my brother. I think what happened is that my SIL bought their park tickets separately, but possibly as “guests” without first signing into MDE. My DB meanwhile made his own MDE account and I linked to him, but BEFORE he had a park pass. I was able to link successfully with my SIL and her MDE account through an invite and she is in my planning party now, but my brother was not. I think my SIL managed to associate to him a ticket and park reservation, but I still can’t get him added to my planning party. Do I “unlink” with him by removing him from my list and then resend an invite?

What is weird is that my SIL and DB show up under “people I do not have plans with” but then my SIL at least shows up in “My Planning Party”. I’m assuming this is because we did not make dining reservations for that day or have other activities planned that require a reservation, besides being at the same park on the same day?

We are several weeks out so I have time, but I would much rather him be included earlier than later especially so I can start practicing with the app for everyone. And I don’t want to be on hold for hours on end either, so maybe with the collective wisdom here I have a chance?

So if you go to friends and family, he is on that list and are you on his? There is an option for how much to share with linked friends. He should log in and make sure he has “all plans” checked and not “only shared plans”. From the app he would go to profile, then friends and family, then tap your name and he will see this screen:

Also, definitely don’t call. If you can’t figure it out without tech support, use the chat feature to contact them. On the app it’s on the menu when you tap the hamburger icon on bottom right of main page, then towards the bottom: