Family and Friends List Questions

I think I’m missing something obvious. Hoping it’s so simple that I overlooking it.

I have made a reservation, purchased park tickets and made park reservations for me, my husband and two kids.

So, we are all four linked to my account so that I can make genie+ reservations and ILLs for all of us when the time comes.

But how can they all see all of our plans? I see how to add each other as guests, but that doesn’t make sense since we are family and already connected to each other through my account.

How can each of us be linked to our own magic band?

Are you all adults? Or at least 13+

If they are people that you have created on your account as managed by you, then I believe they would NOT be able to set up their own account to see everything you see on their own phone as that would be a separate profile managed by them not you. (At least, not without extra steps and reassigning to the new account.)

You could have your husband use your login information for MDE on his phone. Then he sees everything you see since it is the same account. Or you could have him set up his own account and then you add each other as friends/family, but then you would have to reassign the ticket to his new account as it is a separate account.

As far as magic bands, they do issue bands to each person individually even those on profiles managed by others. All of the people managed by you would have magic bands linked to your account (so if you want, like they could all charge to your card on file), with their own ticket media linked to their band since you manage that through your account. Think of the magic band as a peek into the account that created it, not so much as a ticket per se. Since they are sub profiles on your account, their band sees what you have set up for them including tickets, LL, room key etc.

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Right. Anyone who’s over 13 can create an MDE account, link that account in friends and family, and then OP can link the hotel reservation to that account. The MB should then go to that person’s account, but if tickets were purchased separately they may need to be manually reassigned (and then I think park reservations would need to be re-made).

If they just create their own accounts and link them in friends and family with shared planning then they will be able to see all of the plans, but won’t be linked to the hotel reservation, MBs, or tickets. This is fine if they literally just want to be able to see the plan.

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This is my understanding as well.

This is what I have done for my family. I use a temporary password for the duration of the trip and then revert to my actual password later so as to avoid people messing with plans or becoming aware of plans before I want them to.

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My kids just use my log-in for MDE.

So I just did this a few weeks ago. I have 5 of us and they have always been under my accoumt and I managed everything. Recently my DD turned 13 and wanted her own account and so did my husband. My daughter went ahead and created her own account before I told her and I thought it was going to be a mess. I sent her a link in MDE and she clicked on that link. Signed in with her own MDE account and then her new account and my account merged. Tickets and package all transfered over. I fixed it so she can see all of out plans not just the ones shared and she has acces to everything. I was actually surprised it worked to be honestly. Did the same for my DH and it worked that time too. Kids under 13 will have to stay on my account for now.
The only issue is now that she has her own MDE account I have to attach my credit card to her account. She can not share the family payment like before.

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